Caliraya Resort Club…… Caliraya Resort Club….. Caliraya Resort Club…. Caliraya Resort Club… Caliraya Resort Club.. Caliraya Resort Club.

Caliraya Resort Club……

Caliraya Resort Club is a retreat settled upon mountains along the Caliraya Lake coast. Caliraya Resort Club has a exceptional site, it presents a breathtaking view of the entire area. Currently, Caliraya Resort Club is operated by Caliraya Recreation Center and Kolobial is the Reservation Center.

Caliraya Resort Club…..

Caliraya Resort Club has 72 hotel rooms with featured air-conditioning, cable televisions and hot and cold showers. Caliraya Resort Club has the capacity to accommodate 800 people for day tours and overnight stay. It is a man-made mountain lake complete with sand bars and coves that we could brag worldwide. Caliraya Lake is also a home of some beautiful resorts. You could reach Caliraya Lake by private or public transport.

Caliraya Resort Club….

An ideal place to veer away from the constraint s of the corporate jumble and run away from your own private, classy and serene private tropical oasis, or a getaway place with your friends, partner and families. Come and visit the excellent place of Caliraya Resort Club for you to have a wonderful and unforgettable experience!

Caliraya Resort Club…

Nowadays, few numbers of resorts are on prosper along the exceptional Caliraya Lake, have peace of mind, relaxed, have fun, invite people to visit and enjoy with your family, friends and love ones to escaped, even temporarily, the constrictions of the corporate jungle at the city.

Caliraya Resort Club..

Caliraya Lake is a well noted lake to catch the famed Largemouth Black Bass where Philippine anglers can attempt to do one of the best freshwater game fish in the US. Caliraya Lake history says that the Americans planted the lake with Largemouth Black Bass imported from the US.

Caliraya Resort Club.

One of the activities you might want to enjoy at the Caliraya Resort Club is the Boat Riding. The best time for you to ride the boat is late afternoon and early morning, to avoid and not get exposed to the fervent heat of the sun.

Welcome to Caliraya Resort Club
Caliraya Resort Club is a luxury resort and recreational center laid atop mountains along the Caliraya Lake where lush greenery contributes fun-filled activities which surely provide fond memories for both family gatherings, corporate and learning institutions.

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